Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Massive Mailer and Banner Site

Nearly 10 years now, this mega-mailer site allows you to reach over 30k members on board in one mailing -- with stats to view.

It is beautifully-crafted, where you can read and click mails and banners, all incorporated in one page you wish to view.

That maximizes your mail/banner power.

And its members really read the mails and click your banners, as they're all professional marketers, looking for great offers.

With a golden solo ad which mails to 30k members, you can receive over 700 clicks, and potential subscribers or sales, to your offers.

Every click earns you credits (for your own mailing if you're a FREE member) and cash, too.

Go for max upgrade for your mailing on this worthwhile site that's been around.

You pay monthly for that, not lifetime, though your membership lasts for as long as you're interested. 

It's so easy to earn credits here, for like we said, every click of a mail link or banner, earns you credits.

You will love the responsiveness of this massive ad blaster.

They've also paid nearly 400k in commissions to its members, so join, confirm, use, and promote.

Sign up is FREE and allows you to mail from 500 to 3,000 members every 5 days -- depending on your credit stash.

Click here.