Saturday, January 25, 2020

Three Massive Ad Blasters

One site, three choices.

Actually, this one site has many more other ad blasters, for they have nearly 90k active members who have been around.

But, for the purposes of this blog, we'll focus on the three easiest to order and implement.

I've been around at this site, too, but haven't really used the full force of its being, for no plausible excuse, despite a previous upgrade.

But don't be like me, and exercise the full force of these three massive blasters, all from one site.

In one purchase, you are able to triple or quadruple your order, at no extra charge.

You also get a $5 sign-up BONUS.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Complete Lead Solution With 1-Week FREE Trial

Getting quality leads a challenge for you?

Don't know whom to trust with your hard-earned cash?

Fret no longer.

We discovered a cool system with many cool offers on site.

What's attractive is this company offers you a 1-week FREE trial -- risk-free, at zero cost to you.

If you're not happy with what you've tried, you can cancel by emailing support.

Here's what you get for the 1-week FREE trial:

-- 100% opt-in, MLM/bizop USA leads.  All 1-3 day old leads.

-- Information available on each prospect: Full Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Email, Phone.

-- Extreme Autoresponder.  The autoresponder also includes full featured web hosting with an easy to use control panel.  We set up a brand new domain for you to use with this (contact this company if you would like to use your existing domain).

-- The opt-in leads are placed in your autoresponder on auto pilot each day so they can begin to get your email follow-up (drip) messages with absolutely no further opt-in confirmation on their part.

That is but a sampling of what this company can do for you.

You can get from 11 cents to 30 cents per lead, depending on how many you need each month.

Of course, as you order more, the cost goes lower per lead.

The minimum cost is $29.95 per month for 100 leads per day.

If this appeals to you, then please check their website and really look through their offers, but do consider the 1-week FREE trial.

Thank you for reading this far.

Click here.

Platinum Membership at NEW Traffic Site

What does Platinum membership look like?

What benefits would you get should you sign up at this NEW traffic site -- created by a couple of really robust marketers who have been in the industry for so long?

Well, here's what you get for a Platinum membership:

-- Email 10,000 users every 2 days + all users.
-- Email your downline every day.
-- Spin and win all prizes.
-- Add your affiliate links to the prizes.
-- Add 10 premium text ads.
-- Your text ads also rotate on the main game page.
-- Add 10 premium banner ads 125x125.
-- All ads receive 10x more ad-view traffic.
-- All ads come with color backgrounds.
-- Earn 40% commission on all sales.
-- You get paid each Friday.
-- Priority 24-hour support.

It is at pre-launch, so you get the membership for $200 less.

Upon visiting the site, you get to spin a wheel, earn a prize, and you can sign up -- for FREE.

Upgrade to Platinum, and you spin and win all the prizes, plus all the benefits enumerated above.

We signed up for FREE, spun the wheel, and immediately got 5,000 credits for no trouble at all, and found the site to our liking.

We were able to use those credits for our ads.

Whether you go Platinum or not, the important thing is this -- consider this THE site to be in for 2020.


Only one thing to do:

Click here.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Exponential Advertising With Just One Link

The power is in your hands to reach as many people as you want by just promoting ONE link. 

Do you have just one, favorite program you wish to promote?

Well, all it takes is a short description of it, and your URL.

Promote that link everywhere and it will reach exponentially.

People will click your link, and several others under your link, then, they can sign up, and put in their own link, too.

It's simple, easy, and FREE.

Click here.

Massive Mailer and Banner Site

Nearly 10 years now, this mega-mailer site allows you to reach over 30k members on board in one mailing -- with stats to view.

It is beautifully-crafted, where you can read and click mails and banners, all incorporated in one page you wish to view.

That maximizes your mail/banner power.

And its members really read the mails and click your banners, as they're all professional marketers, looking for great offers.

With a golden solo ad which mails to 30k members, you can receive over 700 clicks, and potential subscribers or sales, to your offers.

Every click earns you credits (for your own mailing if you're a FREE member) and cash, too.

Go for max upgrade for your mailing on this worthwhile site that's been around.

You pay monthly for that, not lifetime, though your membership lasts for as long as you're interested. 

It's so easy to earn credits here, for like we said, every click of a mail link or banner, earns you credits.

You will love the responsiveness of this massive ad blaster.

They've also paid nearly 400k in commissions to its members, so join, confirm, use, and promote.

Sign up is FREE and allows you to mail from 500 to 3,000 members every 5 days -- depending on your credit stash.

Click here.

Monday, January 13, 2020

The Prodigal Marketer

It was there all along.

Blinded, nay, confused, this marketer failed to see this mailer's merits.

It kept sending me mails from members.

I probably read one or two.

I was a member for probably five years already -- possibly more.

Its mails kept going to "spam".

But, not once, did this mailer (or admin) complain.

Not once did it demand for my attention.

Like a quiet mountain, it was steady.

Like most marketers, I kept looking for gold elsewhere.

When, the gold was right under my nose.

I looked far and wide, and never did once stop to check the merits of this wonderful, quiet mailer, that kept going, its gears patiently oiled by its devoted members -- of which I had not been.

Then one day, a few days ago, I logged in.

Of course, I had trouble logging in.

I had forgotten my username, much less my password.

Again, the site dutifully "reminded" me.

Shamefaced, I peeked inside.

Only to discover its many, basic treasures.

How easy it was to navigate this compact site!

How fast the mails to be read downloaded!

How clear and wonderful the members' mails announced their promotions!

I was able to go through the site fast.

Well, that's also because this prodigal marketer had quite a lot of experience with mailers and programs by then.

As such, this old/new mailer was a refreshing sight to behold and to use.

And it was there all along.

It's better to be lost, and be found.

Than never to be lost, and never to be found.

Well, I found this mailer all over again.

As always, it never complained.

But merely opened up, and delivered the goods.

Now, to produce my first mailing.

I don't believe I've ever used its mailer once.

So, of course, I gingerly tiptoe around it.

Not quite knowing which program to promote.

For this mailer has earned its honor.

Even as I had none.

There never was a rift between us.

But one thing I do know: I must have a good program to honor this mailer, its owner and admin, and the members in it.

For, they had been loyal, and I had been not.

My program must have grace, for this is a graceful and gracious mailer.

It's not one to be left again.

Funny, how this mailer feels alive to me.

"Gosh, it's just a mailer," others would say.

"Yeah, but it's a mailer that has survived."

It's not one of those that came, and went.

Mailers like this deserve respect.

I like how I've grown into wisdom.

Mailers are not just mailers for me now.

They represent the person who built them.

Proper respect must be given.

This blog post is my peace offering.

This mailer accepted me back, even without that peace offering.

Its doors had been open all the time.

For me, and for you.

Click here to see this wonderful, steady mailer I left sometime ago.

I must tell you, it's a mailer that's hard to beat.

Classics usually are.

Help For the Insomniac Marketer

How to fight sleeplessness?

How about a cool marketing offer to keep you even more awake? 

Might as well work, if you're a marketer.

As everyone sleeps, you're putting in your mails and ads.

Come morning time, you can sleep when everyone's just about to wake up.

Thing is, you're ahead of the game.

So, here's a program to consider for such sleepless nights: 

-- You get to mail 1,500 up to 2,500 members a day.
-- You are awarded either 25,000 or 50,000 monthly credits.
-- You receive from 25 to 50 super solo ads -- mail to your heart's delight.
-- You get either 75% or 100% commissions on upgrades or sales of ads.
-- You have a choice to upgrade for a year, or for a lifetime.
-- You get these upgrades between $27 or $50 -- getting at least 2/3 OFF the original price.
-- You mail your ads and put out your banners and text link ads to over 5,500 active members, on a well-managed site, by one of the most prolific and creative owner and admin around.

Right now, the owner/admin's offering a 1-year elite upgrade at $37, with 30 super solos for you to use.

Since you may not be able to sleep after reading this juicy offer, you might as well click here.