Monday, January 13, 2020

The Prodigal Marketer

It was there all along.

Blinded, nay, confused, this marketer failed to see this mailer's merits.

It kept sending me mails from members.

I probably read one or two.

I was a member for probably five years already -- possibly more.

Its mails kept going to "spam".

But, not once, did this mailer (or admin) complain.

Not once did it demand for my attention.

Like a quiet mountain, it was steady.

Like most marketers, I kept looking for gold elsewhere.

When, the gold was right under my nose.

I looked far and wide, and never did once stop to check the merits of this wonderful, quiet mailer, that kept going, its gears patiently oiled by its devoted members -- of which I had not been.

Then one day, a few days ago, I logged in.

Of course, I had trouble logging in.

I had forgotten my username, much less my password.

Again, the site dutifully "reminded" me.

Shamefaced, I peeked inside.

Only to discover its many, basic treasures.

How easy it was to navigate this compact site!

How fast the mails to be read downloaded!

How clear and wonderful the members' mails announced their promotions!

I was able to go through the site fast.

Well, that's also because this prodigal marketer had quite a lot of experience with mailers and programs by then.

As such, this old/new mailer was a refreshing sight to behold and to use.

And it was there all along.

It's better to be lost, and be found.

Than never to be lost, and never to be found.

Well, I found this mailer all over again.

As always, it never complained.

But merely opened up, and delivered the goods.

Now, to produce my first mailing.

I don't believe I've ever used its mailer once.

So, of course, I gingerly tiptoe around it.

Not quite knowing which program to promote.

For this mailer has earned its honor.

Even as I had none.

There never was a rift between us.

But one thing I do know: I must have a good program to honor this mailer, its owner and admin, and the members in it.

For, they had been loyal, and I had been not.

My program must have grace, for this is a graceful and gracious mailer.

It's not one to be left again.

Funny, how this mailer feels alive to me.

"Gosh, it's just a mailer," others would say.

"Yeah, but it's a mailer that has survived."

It's not one of those that came, and went.

Mailers like this deserve respect.

I like how I've grown into wisdom.

Mailers are not just mailers for me now.

They represent the person who built them.

Proper respect must be given.

This blog post is my peace offering.

This mailer accepted me back, even without that peace offering.

Its doors had been open all the time.

For me, and for you.

Click here to see this wonderful, steady mailer I left sometime ago.

I must tell you, it's a mailer that's hard to beat.

Classics usually are.