Sunday, January 12, 2020

Massive Ad Blasters to Use

We did a lot of research on many sites, and here's the best we found that would serve your marketing promotion needs well, for the following reasons:

1. MASSIVE membership base.
2. CAPABLE and STEADY owners and admins.
4. LIFETIME-membership.
5. EXCELLENT perks and commissions.

Before we go to the list, let us tell you that sign up is FREE, and you can maximize your efforts and promotions by upgrading, using the offers with your best programs, and also promoting the sites listed here.

All owners and admins give you the best deal for your money, and even offer you a FREE ad pack when you sign up, TONS of credits, and many ways to earn commissions -- even as you're already using their site to promote your own programs.

We only work with those who have been around for many years, and intend to stay for the long haul. 

These marketers are truly on top of their game, and you will find their sites easy to navigate and wonderful to use for its many benefits.

It can't be helped, though, that a few are on monthly subscriptions for maximum mailing, still, they're worth the effort. The rest are all LIFETIME memberships and mailings, with your mailing, banner, and text ad credits arriving like clock work each month for you to happily and eagerly use.

Marketers' promotions will happily burp from these choices.

So, head over to the list below, click the links, and see what works out for your marketing requirements.

These are all 1-click ad submissions to high traffic sites:

1. Upgrade to Lifetime GOLD membership ($99) and receive the following every month: 10 solo ads, 10 long banners, 10 button banners, 10 hot links, 10 login ads, and 10 traffic links, reaching 70 partner sites with nearly 25,000 members. This is a very easy to use site, with a very active and accommodating owner and admin. Click here.

2. 1-click join, 1-click send, your email boxes don't get flooded with emails, just reach 9 websites with over 1.3-M members. With one click you also become a member of these 9 sites, but don't receive return mails. You've got 7 types of advertising to use ($95 -- no subscriptions). Click here.

3. Set and forget, receive traffic all month long for a low, low price! Campaign will not shut down and will receive thousands and thousands of visitors throughout the month. Choose the traffic you want. This is the most cost effective way to run traffic to your website. Click here.

4. Blast your ads to 249 sites with over 380k members, with just one click of a mouse. You are not required to be a member of any of the partner sites, which means less work for you, plus you don't receive any advertising in return. The partner sites are active and growing - this means tons of new people will see your ads over the course of the ad showing. Click here.

5. Reach over 330k members on 8 sites with this massive blaster. You get to send your ads, either 40x, 80x, 140x, or 200x -- the choice is yours. The partner sites are safelists, and massive traffic ad exchanges. You just pick which ad you want to use, and just click a button. Click here.

6. A one-time upgrade of $87 allows you to auto-send your mails, reaching over 16k active members daily. No need to click for credits. Truly a time and effort-saver for the busy marketer. This is one of the favorites of most savvy and time-constrained, eager marketers. Click here.

7. For a one-time fee of $114, you get unlimited banner and text advertising, unlimited visits on the surfer, and 1 featured ad credit included. You can list up to 50 banners and 50 text ads, with unlimited views and clicks on all of them. List yourbanner and text ads and your ads display forever. Click here.

8. Massive, layered advertising from just 1 click. Your banner will populate on the site, your email ad will go out and piggyback on the next email ad, so you will get advertising again. Your ads are sent to over 125k members. You have 4 lifetime upgrades to choose from -- local to world domination. A really successful site that's been around. Click here.

9. A 6-pack order gives you 300k mailing credits every single month, so that means you can mail the 92k-strong members every day. This is a marketer's mailing bliss. Your ads are given priority in the mail queue, and given maximum exposure. The first edition was so successful, the owner decided to create a slightly different version. You also get random referrals. Click here.

10. This blaster classic of nearly 20 years has a membership base of over 88k members who are very active opportunity-seekers -- all real people. It's taken on a modern look that will please your marketer's heart with its many possibilities. Of course, it's best to get a lifetime upgrade to maximize your mailing results and cut your marketing time. Click here.

11. This steady safelist mailing site of nearly 17k members has been around for nearly 13 years now, and offers a monthly subscription of its top upgrade, giving you 1.5-M credits to start with, 500 MLM leads each month, and an auto-responder you can use for your mailings. It is quite like no other mailer in the world. Click here.

12. Blast your ads to over 144k members from a combined 57 traffic sites. A 1-click submission service to text ad exchanges, it's an easy way of promoting your banners, solo ads, login ads, and text link ads. No need to worry about flooded inboxes or being a member of any of the sites. Click here.

13. This mailer's been around for almost 10 years, with the owners and admins knowing their craft. Of course, if you get the top monthly upgrade, you get to mail the 30k-strong, active marketer membership base to the max. These are all real people, and you get real stats of your massive mailings. An easy site to use. Click here.

14. One log in, one mailer, one click, and you're done -- what is described as email marketing on steroids. Reach up to 15,000 highly-engaged members daily, depending on the upgrade you take. Pay one time, and that's it. Choose whatever member level you're interested in. Simple and easy to use. Click here.

15. The leads await you each month. A hundred leads a day make 3,000 leads a month. You can email them right on-site, with a cool, built-in mailing delivery system. Write an email and send, that's about it. The, leads are there, waiting for you, for a small fee each month. Nothing could be simpler. Click here.

16. If all these are a bit way out of your marketing budget at the moment, well, you will love this affordable massive blaster we discovered today. Excited marketers can barely sleep for there are many wonderful things to do, but what if you're a true insomniac marketer? Might as well keep you awake with this one. Click here.